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The Naked Crepe Re-Design – Phase One

Five years ago, Nicole and Tom, came up with an awesome concept – to prepare and serve healthy, affordable, delicious crepes.  Their bistro, called The Naked Crepe, was such a success from the moment they opened their doors, they’ve barely had time to catch their breath. With their start-up budget quickly eaten up by necessities like equipment and electrical wiring, most of the restaurant was built hands-on, by Nicole, Tom and friends and family.  After five years of being filled to capacity most days, the restaurant was looking rather worn. Since the day The Naked Crepe opened, I’ve been imagining how I would decorate…

I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth

Just been flat out busy – a house renovation and interior design, a restaurant re-design, two residential lighting designs, landscaping our own home and making sure I squeeze in time for family and friends….whew! What an amazing summer! But, I simply had to take a moment to share this elegant chandelier with a floral bent from Hudson Valley, which is influenced by early 20th century Danish design.  Love!  

An Ad in The Grapevine

It’s been many years since I’ve paid for advertising in print form.  Back in my dog training days in Toronto, I used to advertise in doggie print media.  But once the internet came along, I didn’t see much need for it. Now I do.  I’m not sure if it’s just me having my own personal reality shift or whether people really are reaching out for little snippets of “doing things the old way”.   I love reading The Grapevine and see it as a shining example of how 1, then 2, then 3, then 5, then 10 people can create a…

hair salon lighting by deborah nicholson lighting and interiors

Lights, Scissors, Shampoo!

In a hair salon, perfect lighting is CRITICAL.  From the stylist’s perspective, every angle of their client’s head and face must be evenly lit with a quality of light that renders the client’s hair colour exactly as it will be seen in out in the real world.  From the client’s point of view, they must be lit in a flattering manner for all the obvious reasons. Most women have had to sit in a stylist’s chair, mortified by her reflection in the mirror.  Age-inducing cross lighting and nasty overhead light reeking havoc on her self esteem.   Many of us have…

Well Done! Contemporary Lighting

If you were to ask me to summarize what makes me so passionate about lighting design, I would have to say, “It’s the satisfaction of creating beauty, harmony and functionality that positively affects the lives of my clients each and every day.” Here is a selection of images that recent lighting clients (let’s call them C and S) graciously agreed to let me photograph and showcase here.  This lovely couple knew they liked clean and modern lighting but beyond that, they didn’t know how to pull it together.  I’m honoured that they trusted me to determine placement and selections to…

living room interior by deborah nicholson lighting and interiors

Building Small on North Avenue.47

A snow day here in the Valley and an opportunity to briefly document the past six weeks that have taken us from moving in, to finishing touches, to holiday entertaining, to fixing glitches, and onward to settling in with big satisfied grins. As it turned out, we had five days between the issue of our occupancy permit (the official word that a home can be inhabited) and the arrival of our holiday guests! We had to move in while accommodating the trades guys who still had finishing work to do. Most of the open floor space was covered in boxes…

Building Small on North Avenue.Open House Tour

​ We are excited to announce that our Building Small on North Avenue project has reached the move-in stage! And just before we do that, we would like to offer an opportunity to everyone who has played a part in the process and/or expressed enthusiasm, to come for a little tour. 2277 North Avenue, Canning (just up the road from the monument) This Sunday, December 6th 9:30am – 11:30am Please park only on the west side of North Avenue (same side as the house) or better yet, park on one of the side streets heading east off North Avenue. Many…

Building Small on North Avenue.46

We’ve seen big action this week.  Most of what we squeaked about has been attended to or is making good progress.  We’ll be doing a walk through with Matthew, our Project Manager on Monday and we’re waiting on Nova Scotia Power’s final OK and then our Occupancy Permit to follow immediately after. Two weeks?  Maybe… It’s been rainy all day, so when we stopped in, we saw that most of the exterior lights were collecting water and water was dripping into some of the unseal service openings.  Earlier this month, it drove me crazy that the wood to make the…