Lighting Design

“Lighting placement and selection are as important as your walls and windows.  They need to be planned and considered one of the major systems in your home.

The time to think about lighting is at the beginning of your project.”

Lighting Design Plan


Initial Meeting – Together, we’ll walk through your house plans on paper or through your existing home.  We’ll discuss how each space is to be used and how you would like each space to feel.  We will also explore your lighting style preferences.

Second Meeting – I’ll present you with the following:

*  Lighting Plan (Lights Only) – This plan will indicate placement and type of light fixture for each location.


*  Lighting Plan (With Controls) – This plan will include a layout of control locations, routes to light fixtures and types (dimmers, switches, sensors, timers).


*  Story Board – Images of the ideal light fixture types for key locations will be presented at this second meeting.


This may be all you need to confidently run with your lighting design plan.  If not, I’m here for you.   This can be our jumping off point.  From here, we can continue to work together to illuminate your home in ways that delight, inspire, soothe, and make you smile!


Hinkley MuseFinding the perfect lighting fixtures and the coolest lighting controls


If you find it stressful making choices, or if you’re concerned about making costly mistakes, or if you would simply rather leave the sourcing and shopping in my capable hands, here are some opportunities to put you at ease:

  • Shopping List – I’ll narrow down the endless possibilities to a manageable shopping list with item numbers and contact information on the places where you can make your purchases.  Fee – $120 – $500

  • Leave the Shopping to Me – I will arrange purchase and delivery of your pre-approved items. As an industry professional, I have access to discount pricing that will save you money!  Each order will require your pre-payment by credit card, bank draft or E-Transfer.  Included with this service;  I will handle issues regarding damaged deliveries, returns and delays.   Fee – 10% Markup



Project Support

Good communication, scheduling, planning and quick response times are key to a smooth-running, relatively stress-free project.  I work closely with good trades people and can recommend them and over-see them on your lighting project.  Let discuss how I can help you.

Framing Stage Site Visit – Together, we’ll meet on site with your electrician to do a walk thru of your home. This is an opportunity to review details and find solutions to unforeseen obstacles.

Installation Site Visit– I will be on site during the light fixture installation to answer your electrician’s questions and to make decisions such as the suspension height of key light fixtures.

lighting challenge: 12 foot high ceiling in kitchen and no natural light
lighting challenge: 12 foot high ceiling in kitchen and no natural light

Here are some tips on how you can make the most of our time together

Be prepared
You can maximize your time with me at our initial meeting by having a list of questions, plans or sketches with dimensions, photos of furnishings that you’ll be incorporating, and inspiration images of decor styles or objects you love.  The more you can share with me, the more we can accomplish together.

Maximize your time

When we’re meeting, you can make the most of our time by being prepared and putting your phone on silent.  If needed, schedule a babysitter so you can have your hands free. Be sure to book our time when you know your home will be relatively quiet and without distraction so that you can focus on all the great things we’re going to talk about to illuminate your home beautifully!

Be open minded

The best design consultations are a meeting of the minds, a collaborative partnership working to design the best expression of how you live your life.  I may share some ideas with you that you’ve never considered, and I will help you edit your ideas into a more cohesive whole.  Be open to the possibilities – they are probably far greater than you’ve even imagined!

Select Lighting Design Projects

Modern Contemporary – Well Done!

House By The Falls

The Goodes

The LeBlancs


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