I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth

Just been flat out busy – a house renovation and interior design, a restaurant re-design, two residential lighting designs, landscaping our own home and making sure I squeeze in time for family and friends….whew! What an amazing summer! But, I simply had to take a moment to share this elegant chandelier with a floral bent from Hudson Valley, which is influenced by early 20th century Danish design.  Love!   Advertisements

Brightening A Pine Interior

Gisele and Doug travelled a long way to seek some answers.  If I remember correctly, they came to Atlantic Lighting Studio looking for brighter light bulbs than what they could find back home in Cape Breton.  Once they described the lighting challenges they were having, it was clear that brighter bulbs were only part of the solution. The Challenges: All the interior surfaces of Gisele and Doug’s home are natural pine.  While cozy and beautiful, wood surfaces eat up a LOT of light.  To make the situation more challenging, the ceilings of exposed joists and boards, suck up even MORE light. The change in…