Building Small on North Avenue.46

We’ve seen big action this week.  Most of what we squeaked about has been attended to or is making good progress.  We’ll be doing a walk through with Matthew, our Project Manager on Monday and we’re waiting on Nova Scotia Power’s final OK and then our Occupancy Permit to follow immediately after. Two weeks?  Maybe…

It’s been rainy all day, so when we stopped in, we saw that most of the exterior lights were collecting water and water was dripping into some of the unseal service openings.  Earlier this month, it drove me crazy that the wood to make the attached shed was sitting in a large puddle for several days and then the shed sat in the rain for a week without a roof.

I realized that, while our home was built indoors in a climate controlled environment, the trades who work on the home after, are used to everything getting wet.  When a home is built out in the elements, everything will get wet in ways that will make you cringe.  So the trades do their usual and think nothing of pristine dry insulation getting soaked and water filling unsealed light fixtures.  Engaging someone to build your home is not recommended for control freaks.  Not that I’m a control freak, but if I were, I’d be seriously freaking!   Any whooo…



An exterior light on the deck side in yesterday’s sunshine.  Love it!







A sneak peak at our studio including the mysterious bed in a box.








Contractor, Jamie Henderson selected the perfect sized mirrors for the two vanities.   It’s all coming together day by day.

I learned from Jamie, yesterday, that because of the long production delay at Kent Homes, he and the other trades had moved on to other projects and have now been trying to squeeze our job around their other projects.  After our squeaking episode on Monday morning, he has put his crew and himself into full time getting our house ready for move in.   Thanks gentlemen!



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